So, a brief report from Greece, where I am sleeping and eating and doing nothing else…
First,a picture of the Leonidas statue at Thermopylae

Visiable is the awesome laconic (reference intentional) response he gave to the Persians: μολὼν λαβέ (come and take it)

Next a picture of the sea around Pelion:


And next of the beach I was swimming in:


And lastly a picture of a ginormous tree, claimed by the local residents to be 1000 years old… Humble blogger in blue for scale 🙂


So, that is it for now, although I have lots of ideas about interesting things to write about. Back to vacation!

5 responses to “Greece

  1. SO beautiful. The sea calls!

  2. Show off. Just STAY there, why donchya!

    (I am very, very jealous. Someday you must invite me.)

  3. Now THAT is a statue of a SPARTAN! Nothing at all like the one we have here in Sparta, WI!

  4. You are so cute, humble blogger.

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