Victory (or … tie?)

Since having a second was not determined before the duel started, I believe outside interference is unjustified and I claim victory. However, due to the subtle depth and  brilliance of Thalia’s ‘In Memoriam’ and ‘Spendthrift’ which verses are like finely sharpened swords and make my clumsy verses seem like blows from a battle-hammer, and also due to the indisputable fact that victory was only mine because severe jet-lag isn’t as bad as the kind of stress and busyness Thalia has been through, I am happy to retract my last sonnet and call it a tie, to be broken later, after Thalia has overcome the momentous summer work she has to do, and feels capable of poetical battle once again. Meantime, do go back and read the sonnets, and any opinions on who the victor in terms of overall poetic quality should be are very welcome on this or any previous post.

Round 1:
Dusty Thane: The Death’s Head
Thalia In Memoriam

Round 2:
Dusty Thane: The Sparrow
Thalia:La Chasse

Round 3:
Dusty Thane: Calm
Thalia: Lost

Round 4:
Dusty Thane: Disappointed Alchemist
Thalia: Porcine Transgression

Round 5:
Dusty Thane: The Mountain
Thalia: Evil Spirits

Round 6:
Dusty Thane: Vacation Sonnet
Thalia: Spendthrift

Round 7:
Dusty Thane: The Edge


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