Expensive Medicine

Every time a chemist from a pharmaceutical company comes to talk to us chemists-in-training it is entirely apparent that high prescription drug costs and potential shortages are nearly always the result of the FDA (with some help from screwy patent law.) Here is a nice, short, non-technical description of the problems. (It is actually a response to an article critical of the FDA that wasn’t severe enough)

In his recent article in National Affairs, “Changing the FDA’s Culture,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb rightly takes the FDA to task for its retrograde attitudes on the approval of new drugs for sale in the United States market. But he is far too kind to the FDA. Its culture is beyond repair by external exhortation. The FDA is a bureaucratic monopolist. Currently, in the name of protecting the American public, the FDA represents a major systematic threat to drug innovation and public health. It should be stripped of its power to block the entry of new drugs and medical devices into general use.

I particularly like the sub heading Institutional Blindness Masquerading as Science… Read the whole article here: A Taste of Government-Run Healthcare



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