Just for my readers here, I wanted to let everyone know that I have written an article for Aquilon’s Eyrie about Mitt Romney, Republicans and Fremont.

If he [Romney] does [what I say :)], our job of defending the best ideas in the history of the world, those of free people with individual rights from their Creator, not collective privileges from government, will be a tad easier. Fighting for these ideas, for free markets and free people is fighting from the Republican party’s heart and soul.

It is kind of fun to block quote myself, but I wanted to encourage everyone to go over and read it, and perhaps check out the other posts there, it is new (as if I am not 🙂 ) and in the words of the initial post:

Here’s a little blog which I’m developing in collaboration with several friends of mine.  We intend to write about American Heritage, how America has lost its way in modern times, and the virtues necessary to restore both local communities and the country itself.  So, the articles will be mainly historical, political, and didactic.  We hope that this blog will accrue a large following of patriots, lovers of history, people who delight in great men and their deeds, foreigners who love the principles America stands for, people holding the same political ideology, and even people critical of the American experiment.  In any case, this promises to be a very interesting blog with many great contributors.

That was not me, by the way, though I will occasionally be contributing there. Again, here is the link, I hope you enjoy it:Aquilon’s Eyrie

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