Robin Hood

I had been planning on writing a defense of Robin Hood for some time now, since the legend is eternally perverted by many people, especially the socialists who feel the need for a respectable folk hero (as opposed to murderers like Che…). However, since the point is made here, I will write about folk heroes another time (when I have more of it.) Romney-Hood: Obama Gets Robin Hood Legend Completely Wrong

3. Robin Hood didn’t rob from wealthy private citizens to give to the poor. Robin Hood robbed from the Obamas and Pelosis and the Harry Reids of his time — he robbed from overbearing, power-hungry big government bureaucrats who over-taxed private citizens and business owners to feather their own nests and pay off Solyndra and unions their cronies.

Robin Hood gave the people back money stolen from them by corrupt, greedy, selfish, statist government officials.

More will be written on Robin Hood later… meantime watch the Disney Robin Hood, which (surprisingly for Disney today, less so for the past gets the story about right. See if Robin Hood robs from any rich person not involved with oversized, overtaxing, overbearing, tyrannical government.


4 responses to “Robin Hood

  1. Nice post! And everyone should see Disney’s Robin Hood.

  2. Please do write on Robin Hood! And, if possible, could you elaborate on his role in “Ivanhoe”?

    • You sound a bit like a professor, i will write about Robin Hood, but I will probably not write about Ivanhoe, I only read it once… A long time ago. But Robin Hood, I feel very strongly about…

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