Paul Ryan

Everyone is talking about Paul Ryan today, which is fortunate since I have to write 10-20 pages of dry scientific writing today and tomorrow. So, since everyone else is writing about what this means, I dont have to, they did. All through the last month or so, everyone was touting the ‘boring white guy’ for VP. This led me down many rabbit holes of digressions such as ‘why does no one ever talk about charismatic white guys… Hitler? If so, has everyone forgotten all the charismatic not white guys responsible for mass murder?’ … But, Romney surprised all the boring white guys camp and selected the energetic, well spoken, and dare I say charismatic, Paul Ryan:

Mitt Romney did something that a lot of supposed wise men said he wouldn’t — pick a vice presidential candidate who is more charismatic than he. In choosing Paul Ryan, Romney took the risk he would be outshone, but he did America a favor. He selected the brightest young politician we have.

Talking about what this election means, and reminding everyone that the battle for liberty is never over:

Now that both sides are out in the open and fully aware of the danger to their preferred ways of life posed by the other camp, we are entering an era of struggle and division that, if anything, exceeds what we’ve lived through for the past twelve years. This isn’t the beginning of the end of our divisions. It’s only the end of the beginning.

And today I ordered my Romney – Ryan bumper sticker, and I look forward to putting it on my truck.


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