While I have a post in the works, but I also have to make a presentation for next week, so meantime I thought I would share this post by a friend of mine.

Aquilon's Eyrie

One of the calamities that I see our communities and our country suffering from is the lack of grace.  We no longer use grace in our everyday vocabulary and as a result we certainly do not keep grace in our minds during interactions with our communities.  This I think is a result of two deficiencies.  First, we no longer hold to strict universal standards.  Second, because there is no standard to hold, there is no necessity for grace and mercy for those who fail to live up to the standard.

I watched a recreated Western classic the other day and was struck by how old fashioned it was in its story.  Of course Westerns are well know to tell tales of the good and the bad and the consequences of following one or the other respectively.  The overtones of Black and White, Good and Evil, Truth and Lie cannot be…

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