Garbage Police

Imagine Garbage Police… actually you don’t have to since the DNC has them. All I can say is this, if this type of interfering busybody continues to be elected, they will not rest until they run every part of everyone’s lives like this.

At many garbage stations there are “environmental consultants” to help people choose the right bin, or, if need be, reach in and move the garbage to the right one. For example, one of the consultants repeatedly stopped kitchen help at the trash cans to advise which cans to use: cardboard in “Recycle,” food in “Compost,” styrofoam cups in “Landfill.”

On a high note, those stuff like those ‘environmental consultants’ hopefully contribute to the fast burn rate of the Obama/DNC money supply.


One response to “Garbage Police

  1. Must see movie on this topic: “The Lives of Others”.

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