Today and Poetry

Almost every blog today is probably filled with those ’11 years ago today…’ posts. (I was doing home-school high school Chemistry….) We had no television, so we went over to our Pastor’s house. And, being a 13 year old Midwesterner, I didn’t even know the towers existed until they were gone. What I do remember is that the previous election, less than a year before, following the election coverage was part of our home-school civics class. Despite all the shenanigans and chaos of that election, I did not learn to care about politics. However, the evening of Sept 11, when we watched President Bush’s announcement, I think then, I became the Aristotelian political animal.

What all this brings me to is the dismal lack of good patriotic American poetry. We are certainly not devoid of patriots, but all our poets must be cynical and with shriveled hearts. I put up here previously a sonnet referring to WWI cemeteries in France (Muse-Argonne is the one I visited, actually only a little more than a year after Sept 11.) I re-post it here as a paltry attempt for a patriotic poem.

On Lotharingian soil I rooted stand.
As wind whips peaks, white, on the azure sea
Strange stones in bright green field encircle me.
The answer occurs to the mind: hallow’d land.
My spirit stricken; a bugle sounding
Music, balm of the soul, doth betray
For rank upon rank, brave chivalry lay
Hidden and silent, below me sleeping.
In retribution for cowardly hate
Does courageous blood a vengeful God sate?
The music fades again, a sign given,
A hopping rebuke, cheerful and feathered
Half-penny value to careless human.
Are not His children greatly more treasured?

Anyway, I think our American people need songs and poems, anyone else?


2 responses to “Today and Poetry

  1. We sure do need poetry again to mean something, to fulfill its promise to touch the hearts and minds, the deepest truth of life.

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