Perfect Candidates

One of my many issues with Ron Paul is that he is treated by his supporters as the exactly right leader for the exactly right time. However, believing as the founders did that men are not angels, I do not believe that the perfect leader exists. To think this way is to philosophically cede the political argument to statists before the debate even begins. This topic is so well dealt with over at PJ Media that I will let you read it there. This is the conclusion which summarizes how I think about Romney, and I think every non-statist should think about every candidate they support. Ultimately, we cannot abdicate our authority to rule ourselves no matter how effective or good the candidate is.

Is he perfect? Oh, goodness, no. Is he exactly what we need? Probably not. Who is? Do you know the trouble we’ve got ourselves into by trusting presidents for this long? It’s a big hole. No one man can get us out of it. Only we can. And it will take time.

But that’s fine. He won’t be anointed by any gods. There will be no halos and no Greek columns. Instead, he’ll be the elected by the people and the people — the sovereign people of this free land — who are now awake will stand ready to make sure he knows it.

Perhaps we will once more save our democratic republic for another generation. Perhaps we’ll turn the tiller and start the long way back from deep blue statism.

In the end, as someone said, perhaps we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for. No hero will ride to the rescue — we will.

We’re Americans. We don’t need emperors. (If that’s what you want, to quote Romney, “you must vote for the other guy.”) We don’t want lords and masters. We’re free and at last aware that we must work to stay that way.


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