Dear Libertarian

I was going to write an open letter to libertarians who, out of pride, spite, or misguided idealism, are planning on not voting for Romney simply because they don’t like him as much as their dream candidate. However, as with many things, it has been written before, and since it was written so well, I figured I would just quote a bit and send you over to read it at the source.

Obama’s spent nearly four years trampling the First Amendment. Filmmakers who embarrassed the regime are rousted by cops at 1:30 a.m. Administration diplomats work with the UN to put in place blasphemy laws that give foreign mobs veto power over our right to speak. Religious organizations are told they must act contrary to their conscience as commanded by the government.

The Second Amendment is under fire and is just one Supreme Court vote from being snatched away. Our government sends guns to Mexican criminals in order to justify further crack-downs on American citizens.

At this rate, pretty soon the Administration will trash the Third Amendment and be quartering troops in citizens’ homes to save money that it’ll then redistribute to its cronies.

Romney’s not your dream candidate. We get that. He’s not most of ours either. But the inescapable fact – whether you like it or not, whether it’s fair or not – is that either he or Obama will be the next president.

Don’t be the guy in 20 years who looks over his shoulder to make sure no policemen are listening and then says to his kids, “Back in 2012, I was mad because Ron Paul lost and then got disrespected. I loved the Constitution, but I was mad, and so I let the guy who hated the Constitution win. I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.”


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