A Short Ode To Bourbon

I finished work yesterday after much teaching, and was tired. And so I went home, read the news and drank bourbon. (Right now I have Woodford Reserve, very tasty)

And I wrote this little poem, which I decided to share. It is not very polished, but I think it evokes the simple joy of good alcohol in moderation.

The Drink of Fire and Song:

The journey home is simple
And not a trial at all
Even still my knees ache
And the day was long and dull

The day was spent on teaching
A score of leaden minds
Who, instead of doing math,
Doodle and draw lines

So my journey home is blighted
And my brain is slow and dry
Yet I keep in mind the magic
Elixir made with rye.

When I arrive I’ll drink a drink
Like drinking fire and song
And I’ll stretch out my legs
And breathe in deep and long.

How wonderful it will be
To let the little worries run
Away from the precious product of
The distillery of the sun.
Ahh, delightful bourbon!


One response to “A Short Ode To Bourbon

  1. Love it! Time to have some!

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