A Sunny Afternoon

Walking across campus can be a strange and entertaining event. One hears snippets of conversation that frequently amuse. The other day, however, I was accidentally privy to a rather extended conversation due to the fact that the conversants were walking at my pace, directly behind me.

Imagine a beautiful late September afternoon, the sun high, a light breeze blowing across the way. And from behind me I start hearing a conversation between two voices, as their path joins mine.

The first voice is a male voice. Not terribly distinguished: a male student voice, of average depth and articulation.  The voices had obviously been talking about something related to a previous visit where there had not been anything to drink. The male voice gallantly offered to provide water, or… Coke Zero.

(Ah, the romance)

 The second voice was a female voice, a bit airy, and definitely blonde sounding. The female voice sounded genuinely impressed by this offer of great bounty, and the two voices continued discussing the water, the Coke Zero, and the lack of anything to drink from their conversation before.

And then, the conversation became even more interesting.

“I don’t have too much…” said the male Voice. ‘I really only have water and Coke Zero, but I do also have Reeses’ cereal.’  (I can only presume he meant Reeses’ Puffs.)

The golden treasure of the dawn?

 The female Voice sounded genuinely impressed: “How did you get Reeses’ Cereal?” The wonder in her voice was palpable. The male voice responded, modestly admitting his general awesomeness: ‘Because I work for the Food Science department, and I’m such a badass they had to give me Reeses cereal.’

(Give me your Reeses Cereal! And bow to the purple Pimpernel!)

And now the lady was wonderfully impressed, as if she was Guinevere, and had just observed the great might and puissance of Lancelot of the Lake. Or perhaps, Ilsa, when she finds Rick again.

(I know, I know, you dont have to tell me, this is ‘Play it Sam’… but this is the expression I was hearing.)

Anyway, the conversation drifted away, and I continued my own route, despite my strong desire to continue hearing the great knight of Cereal Badassery offer up the treasures of his victories to his lady-love.

Last note: If you think I am writing about you, please do not be offended, your conversation was amusing.


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