I am taking a brief moment from working, to have a little celebratory post on the debate last night. I did not intend to listen to it all, I was just going to listen to a bit at the beginning, and then do other stuff…. and then the debate was over. As per PJ Media, this is what the debate was like,

Starring Mitt Romney as the little guy, and Obama as the big boxer who had always had his fights fixed for him before the match… until this one.

But really, what should Obama have expected? He practiced against the nearest thing to an imbecile in the Senate, who himself lost his debates to W. Also of note is the pervasive belief among leftists that anyone who disagrees is just stupid and unable to put two words together, which is another reason Obama was probably unready. The final reasons, of course, are that a) he expected it to be 2 vs. 1 in his favor, but Mitt ran all over the moderator who was supposed to take Obama’s side, and b) Obama has no record to campaign on, so when he talked about something wrong with the way the government works, the thought that occurs to everyone, and I think was mentioned by Romney is ‘So what have you been doing for 4 years as president?’. It was really like Obama was campaigning against an incumbent Republican.

UPDATE: A highlight reel…


3 responses to “Debate

  1. Great fight for Jethro Senior… !

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