Bond, James Bond

I have been avoiding the election, and now I discovered that this is playing starting Friday, and I think my bride and I will go.

Meantime I voted, and now wait with bated breath for tonight, when I shall sit up all night watching the election returns, since I am perhaps slightly obsessed. I do marvel that despite the dysfunction that has been built into our country for the last hundred years how well the system still works. It is perhaps the most remarkable thing about the founding of this country, that now, almost 250 years later, we can still radically change our government if we so desire. (think 2010 midterm elections.)

Well, I have been a avoiding blogging since I didn’t want to rant about the election, nor about the petty tyrant currently in office, and I was planning on starting back up afterwords. But now, I actually now have a scholarly article to finish writing, so we will see how that goes.


One response to “Bond, James Bond

  1. Funny how appropriate the song is for an election night!

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