More Culture

I am at least briefly back from the craziness of the last few weeks. I managed to accomplish stuff despite the fact that my body declared war on me and got me sick right in the middle of everything. So, enough complaining, just a few thoughts.

From Roger L. Simon at PJ Media first (then me next…)

People on the right spend a great deal of time and energy excoriating Hollywood, Broadway, and the music industry. Entertainment has become the province of the Left and is hugely biased.

True enough — but it’s been that way for some time. And with all the complaining by conservatives and libertarian-types it may even have gotten worse in recent years. Certainly, it hasn’t gotten better. Whining, it must be admitted, hasn’t helped.

As the late — and increasingly lamented — Andrew Breitbart pointed out repeatedly, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

I agree with him somewhat, although he doesn’t really hit any feasible plans for influencing the culture. Mostly he says ‘Stop whining’ and ‘get to work’.  So while I sit here, waiting for my kinetics experiments, I figured I’d throw down some ideas.

1. Do not self censor your beliefs to make them more acceptable to the world around you. We are called to be in the world but not of it. Of course our ideas such as sin, damnation, right and wrong, are not liked.

2. Euphemisms are evil. I will probably post just on this in the future: the point is that perhaps euphemisms started as tact: today they are disguises for evil and sin.

3. Buy and watch good movies/TV. Since most of us cannot make them, we can, at least, help make sure that those people who make a really worthwhile movie make lots of money too. On the flip side, don’t go see expensive trash like Avatar or popular bilge like ‘The Lorax’.

Speaking of good TV, I have been sick and grading recently and seen some of Justified. It probably deserves its own post as well. Its the story of a western style lawman in modern America, sent back to Kentucky. This is another show that frequently displays the moral difficulties of the world without trying to convince the audience that morality is ambiguous or relative. That and it is exciting, well made, struggles with important issues… and exciting 🙂 Also it has a strong streak of the pathos that inhabits the whole spirit of history.  The show has a similar feel to the song that closes the season (The Patty Loveless version is better, but this one is the one the show uses.)


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