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There have already been plenty of reviews of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; and so, I would like to avoid writing another review of this spectacular, action packed, hard-hitting, fantastic, and mesmerizing masterpiece filled with beautifully epic scenery, scintillating armor, and exquisite weapons which you absolutely must see otherwise you shall go to your grave regretting it.  Instead, I would like to concentrate on how relevant The Hobbit is to our day and age on the topic of courage.


I remember reading a certain document which told the reader that one can become courageous through mortification, self-control, poverty of spirit, and hard work.  To an extent this is true, but how often do we find people possessing these traits who hesitate at the critical moment, thus passing up an opportunity to show this virtue?  This lies in the fact that the above qualities really perfect fortitude, which has a…

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