The Traveler’s Eye

Well, that is the title to my new ebook story. The Traveler’s Eye is long for a short story (though certainly short for a long story). I would excerpt it, but Amazon does that for me, so if you follow the link to Amazon, you can read the first bit previewing the book. It is only on Amazon kindle, but if you don’t have a device like that, and you want a $1.29 story for the afternoon (It’s less than a cup of coffee 🙂 ) you can read it on your computer too.  The story is in format rather like ‘The Arabian Nights’ or ‘Tales From the White Hart’ (fun to put those two side by side.) It is a story of an interesting character who is telling a story. If you want to read a story (though nothing like this one in tone) that I have written, you can visit the post ‘The Frame Shop‘ which is a short story that is short :). Here is the link with the cover I made too (I have begun playing with Adobe Illustrator).

Also, I just realized I really couldn’t categorize the genre… Fun, and, I hope, perhaps a little bit brave as well.

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