Quoting Cicero

Unfortunately, I believe Cicero was too late, and hence it is an ill omen for his words to be so applicable.  From Roger Kimball at PJ Media.

Whoever governs a country must first see to it that citizens keep what belongs to them and that the state does not take from individuals what is rightfully theirs. … As for those politicians who pretend they are friends of the common people and try to pass laws redistributing property and drive people out of their homes or champion legislation forgiving loans, I say they are undermining the very foundations of our state. They are destroying social harmony, which cannot exist when you take away money from some to give it to others. They are also destroying fairness, which vanishes when people cannot keep what rightfully belongs to them. For as I have said, it is the proper role of government to guard the right of citizens to control their own property.





2 responses to “Quoting Cicero

  1. A good reminder that history repeats. We need to learn from history and make sure that the right things repeat.

  2. Yes indeed, however Mankind’s nature does not change, we are broken and sinful and so in some sense we are doomed to continually make the same mistakes. Like dogs returning to their vomit….

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