Is the Tesla Model S Green?

Something I have been wondering about for a while: what happens to electric car’s CO2 emissions when everything is considered….

Watts Up With That?

EVs indirectly pollute, and the Tesla Model S appears to result in greater effective CO2 emissions than an SUV

Guest post by Nathan Weiss

The EPA tells us 51% of total CO2 emissions result from motor vehicle use.  As a result, many environmentally-aware consumers buy hybrid and electric vehicles, including the Tesla Model S, in an effort to reduce their CO2 emissions.  One can easily picture these consumers exclaiming “wealthy Republicans are destroying the planet!” when they find their Prius driving next to a ‘one percenter’ in a BMW.

According to the EPA, the Toyota Prius V generates 212g of tailpipe CO2 emissions per mile driven, while BMW offers a host of vehicles that generate less than 140g of CO2 per km (225g per mile) driven.  In fact, there are now quite a few new vehicles on the road that emit between 240g and 280g of CO2 per mile driven…

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  1. No. It is, in fact, White.

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