Best Countries for Motherhood

I came across this list of top countries to be a mother in at RealClearWorld. They are summarizing the results from

It’s often said that being a mother is the hardest job of all, but in many parts of the world, it’s more than a trite saying. Simply bringing a healthy child into the world is a challenge. According to Save the Children, nearly three million children die in the first month of life due to mostly preventable causes, and a third of these babies die on their first day of life.

In their 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers report, Save the Children measured countries across a variety of metrics including women and children’s health statistics, educational attainment, economic well-being and female participation in the political process to determine where it’s best to be a mom.

The results show a striking global disparity. Regionally, sub-Saharan Africa proved to be the worst place to be a mother, ranking low on every indicator except political participation. One woman in 29 will die during pregnancy or childbirth, whereas a mother in the industrialized world faces a 1-in-4,700 chance of dying. So where are the best places to be a mother? 

The list of the top ten countries included in this report is from 10 to 1:

Australia                  1.77
Germany                  1.42
Belgium                    1.65
Spain                         1.48
Denmark                 1.73
The Netherlands 1.78
Iceland                     1.88
Norway                    1.77
Sweden                     1.67
Finland                     1.73

See that number I wrote next to each country? That is the total fertility rate for each country found in the CIA world factbook. For brief comparison, look at Nigeria with a total fertility rate of 5.31! It seems that something must be missing from the rubric that finds the best countries to be a mother in are for some reason all countries no one seems to actually want to be a mother… I know they include death in childbirth rates and so forth, (where Nigeria is at 10th highest in the world, again according to the CIA world factbook) What about Israel with a total fertility rate of 2.65 and a maternal mortality rate of 165th highest (out of 183) which is actually tied with all the others at the lowest mortality rate for mothers….


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