The Capricious Red Car: Tyranny

Well, it looks like it is busy season again with research, so red cars may be the only posts for a while.

So… what makes a tyrant? I think a lot of people would include in their definitions some concept of severity. For instance, Texas executes criminals, murderers and the like. That, in many people’s minds, constitutes tyranny. I do think this is a flawed  qualification. (But that is for another time)

Also, you certainly cannot have tyranny without power, hence why the founders of America did everything they could to de-claw, de-fang and neuter the government. However, I think a key distinction between tyranny and justice is consistency. Some fancy people call this the ‘rule of law’, where the more a law applies to everyone, in every situation, and every age, the more likely it is a just law. Obviously there are other qualifications, but this week’s red car is capriciousness and tyranny.


The Mob: Here is an interesting story: in Texas over 60% of the people support a law, the people’s elected representatives move to pass it, an opposing representative filibusters… so far, so good. So far in this story, the machinery of self-rule is working. You see, we all vote to decide who makes decisions for us, and the people who voted for the fillabusterette J would expect her to use every procedural method to stop this bill, this is a check to obstruct the tyranny of the majority (like in Turkey). Then tyranny happened. You see, when the filibuster ended, the crowd, the mob, shouted and shrieked to interfere with the process of lawmaking long enough for the lawmaking session to be over. Hence, the tyranny of the loudest and the most won the day. If this was the example of the system is supposed to work, this system would be tyrannical. The sheer capriciousness of who can get the most, the loudest and obnoxious people together get to stop whatever they want? How can you argue with a chanting shouting mob? You cannot; this is tyranny of the mob. Fortunately, Governor Perry is a resolute man, and he called another special session to thwart these mob tyrants.

Democratized Tyranny:  In case you didn’t recognize it, the subject of the law above was making abortion illegal after 20 weeks. Which brings up abortion. There was the article I saw recently about a woman who had her first abortion to save her volleyball career. This is a sort of ultimate tyranny. Feminists have succeeded in giving every women the opportunity to be a tyrant, and this isn’t just the ability to make other people miserable, nor is it the ability to fine people, or sue them: this is the ability to kill people just for being inconvenient. The only qualifications are that 1) only women can do it and 2) they can only murder their children if they happen to still be inside their bodies. This level of capricious power is perhaps the most evil thing in out world today or even ever. I think many of my readers will agree that to capriciously kill a baby in the womb is tyrannical as well as evil, but what about the babies that are kept, also on a whim. Imagine the implications of motherhood for the woman who kept her baby on a whim in the full knowledge that she could have (or almost) had it killed.

Standard Tyranny Hooray, Qatar has a new Emir. A new tyrant for a new age.

Those are the red cars today. Its been a busy day 🙂

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