Independence Day

On this July 4th, there ought to be a lot of somber reflection, on the state of or liberty, on the condition of our morals, on whether or not we remain actually independent.


Our president behaves like a king, a petty king at that. He truly believes he has the authority to  alter and enforce laws passed however he pleases. This clear capricious behavior is most apparent in his making up the ability to give just about any group he likes wavers to his health care act, and now, his belief that he has the authority to decide, in contradiction to the terms of the bill, when which parts are enforced. This style of actions clearly demonstrates that Obamacare and many other acts like it are merely tools with which out tyrannous president punishes his political and cultural enemies. I am very much afraid that we have already slipped so far down the slope into despotism that the options to clamber back out as a nation are grim and few. We are passing, what I wish to dub the Tocqueville critical mass… (This is lifted from Breitbart, but the quote is Tocqueville.)

Subjection in minor affairs breaks out every day, and is felt by the whole community indiscriminately. It does not drive men to resistance, but it crosses them at every turn, till they are led to surrender the exercise of their own will. Thus their spirit is gradually broken and their character enervated; whereas that obedience which is exacted on a few important but rare occasions, only exhibits servitude at certain intervals, and throws the burden of it upon a small number of men. It is vain to summon a people, who have been rendered so dependent on the central power, to choose from time to time the representatives of that power; this rare and brief exercise of their free choice, however important it may be, will not prevent them from gradually losing the faculties of thinking, feeling, and acting for themselves, and thus gradually falling below the level of humanity.

We also, as many probably have pointed out, are not living in a Christian nation, if that is defined by the majority of people and culture thinking and working under a Christian belief or at least a Christian Worldview. However,

… God did not need the U.S. Constitution to build His church. It began in the wicked Roman Empire and spread across the known world at the time, despite the severe persecution of Christians.

It is important to remember what our ancestors (ideological at least) did. This is from a speech from Rush Limbaugh’s father, and it is very good and you should go read it all.

The 56 signers of the Declaration Of Independence proved by their every deed that they made no idle boast when they composed the most magnificent curtain line in history. “And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Also, the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg ended 150 years ago, yesterday and today respectively.

Finally, since one of the things I think this country (and the world) needs more of is poetry, here is a hymn I wrote (sadly I don’t have much time for anything other than slightly mediocre) for this Independence Day. Theoretically the tune is ‘Savior of the Nations Come’ I invite you all to do better…

A Hymn of Supplication upon this Independence Day

O,Triune God the Almighty
Please suffer me to hear a plea
My land is filled with darkness
And night surrounds with blackness;

Yet though our land is filled with sin
And full of dross without, within
Yet there remain a faithful few
With hearts and souls redeemed by You

O Lord I know not if to pray
For justice swift and soon today,
Or if like Abraham, I plead
For yet more time and grace indeed!

You put us in this little land
To do Your work, to be Your hand
You blest us with great liberty
That should be free of tyrrany.

To our fathers in the past
You gave the stregth to fight at last
Though many fell, that all be free
Thus, you ended slavery.

And now in these sad later days
Send your Spirit to our lives
To give us strength for wate’er befall
and lead us to you after all.

For though America we love,
A resting place upon our way,
Our only rest is up above
With Thou for light and for our Day.


With all that glumness… still, Happy Independence Day! Go read the Declaration… make it a July 4th tradition.

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    A meditation and poem for America on her birthday.

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