Shogo Makishima: the Villain who Should be Hero

I would just add that the fictional society has the very interesting trait of being exactly like a communist utopia. Not how these places actually turn out, starving and wretched, but what they always pretend to be. There is plenty of food, good work, leisure, and happiness… although the hollowness of that last is part of the show. The amazing thing is though, that this show displays how evil and horrible the intentions turns out to be; even without the mass starvation and misery. The perfect, successful, totalitarian society, cloistered away from the world, like everything North Korea is in its own propaganda, is still so vile that the best characters, the best humans, are the ones who are either ‘latent criminals’ or the villain. And that villain is very very interesting, and is excellently discussed in the linked post.

Medieval Otaku


Psycho-Pass stands as one of the greatest shows to come out among the recent seasons. I say this despite having read several reviews claiming it to be an average show. No doubt the current philosophy which advocates greater government control and regulation in people’s lives is partially to blame for such poor reviews of the series. For example, my brother has told me of people reading Huxley’s A Brave New World raving about the perfect society therein. Of course, one may argue that my own political philosophy of liberty under the law and limited government make me blind to how much happier people could be under the totalitarian systems of both A Brave New World and Psycho-Pass.


At any rate, before I consider Shogo Makishima’s merits and demerits, let me delineate the deficiencies of the society in which he lives. First, it limits the freedom of what kind…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog! I just realized how odd it is to have a painting of the Founding Fathers be the first in the post. Someone is going to wonder whether I am going to compare Makishima Shogo to George Washington!

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