Medieval Otaku’s #10: Ernest Hemingway

For a clear argument for the inclusion of Ernest Hemingway in a top ten list of authors, do check out Aquila et Infans, where Medieval Otaku makes the argument.

Aquila et Infans

Thomp D. James’s insistence on the importance of Stephen King is most curious–so curious that I feel compelled to peruse some of his suggested readings.  It is a wonder that the sheer weight of fine English novelists from Daniel Defoe onwards should not have tamped down Stephen King from the list.  Yet, I wish to give the number ten spot on my own list to an author others would wish to see absent from such a list: Ernest Hemingway.


Some find Hemingway’s prose too simple or even his vision nihilistic (e.g. Kenji Nakajima’s “Big two-hearted river” as the Extreme of Hemingway’s Nihilism).  But, concerning the former complaint, let the simplicity be understood as the poetic vision of Hemingway’s prose–the well known iceberg theory.  The direct and unadorned style of Hemingway’s prose may cause some to feel as if they were reading a newspaper.  But, Hemingway is certainly capable of…

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