Sleepy Hollow: The Tea Partyest Show?

Sleepy Hollow… that’s right, a wacky show about the headless horsemen which turns out to have been the temporarily defeated horseman of the apocalypse, the witch burnings were actually a witch war, with burning the only way to kill a witch (at least that’s how it seems) and the hero, Ichabod Crane, and a female, black, police detective. So, yes, wacky.

However, it is also delightful. I have watched the first two episodes, and I can only say that I hope Ichabod Crane remains this amazing. I get the impression that his persona is based in some part on Nathan Hale. Ichabod speaks Greek (and two other languages) was a spy of sorts, and is clearly brilliant. (From Wikipedia about Hale: ‘In 1768, when he was fourteen years old, he was sent with his brother Enoch, who was sixteen, to Yale College. Nathan was a classmate of fellow patriot spy Benjamin Tallmadge.[3] The Hale brothers belonged to the Yale literary fraternity, Linonia, which debated topics in astronomy, mathematics, literature, and the ethics of slavery. Graduating with first-class honors in 1773 at age 18…’)

Ichabod is ready to start a rebellion against a ’10 cent levy on baked goods’ (donuts), is offended when the police lieutenant implies that she assumes that he was not too bothered by slavery, and speaks compellingly of reason. He is a most amusing character, and a great answer to the question ‘what would happen if a revolutionary patriot were dropped in modern New England?’ The very fact that it is a fictional patriot makes it even better story wise, since they can mostly avoid the historical fact problem.

I’d write more, but I have only seen two episodes, though I am looking forward to when I have a chance to waste 45 minutes to watching the third. It’s a bit someone went to mix the show Haven with an apocalyptic conspiracy theory, and the Revolutionary war can marching in to fife and drums…


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