Medieval Otaku’s #9: Rudyard Kipling

I probably wouldn’t write much about Kipling, even though he certainly deserves respect. So if you are interested here is a post that gives him the attention due. Also, on the same blog I posted about Andrew Klavan, however since I have a number of things here already about Klavan, I did not re-blog it.

Aquila et Infans

To tell you the truth, it has passed my mind to doubt my choice of Rudyard Kipling for the ninth position.  After all, my friend’s choice of Andrew Klavan reflects that Klavan has taken a salient interest in the great religious question of our day.  In that regard, he may be called a modern day C. S. Lewis.  I have not read any of Klavan’s works myself–and my recent attempt to find his novels in a two story Barnes and Nobles failed to discover any of his novels.


Anyway, why give prominence to Rudyard Kipling–not taking into consideration B&N’s disinclination to stock Klavan’s works?  I place Kipling above Klavan on the basis of machismo: Kipling knows more of what it takes to be a man than Klavan.  It may be more important to be spiritual, but true spirituality relies upon the manly attributes of fortitude and responsibility.  The highest degrees…

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