Special Treatment

A strange thought occurred  to me while I was reading this article at PJ Media on gendercide: the abominable practice of killing unborn children because they are girls.

Some estimates say the world is missing over 200 million girls thanks to the practice of gendercide. Most of those come from China and India where they eliminate more girls every year than America has births.

What occurred to me is this: it seems that every single victim group category that we are lectured must receive special treatment is also a category that we are told is acceptable as a reason for abortion. The same set of people who relentlessly force ADA type rules and laws upon everyone, proclaiming that the federal government MUST force people to build buildings etc. to accommodate those who have disabilities, tell us that we should abort babies because they will probably be disabled.

Today’s medical technology has given parents the ability to test and see if there is a strong likelihood that their baby may have some form of disability or special needs. The result of such technology has led to a startling number of abortions. We don’t have all the statistics, but where we do the numbers are startling. There is an 80-95% abortion rate of children who are predicted to have Down Syndrome.

The same feminists who march for special treatment rather than equality are shockingly silent or even supportive of the abortion of babies that happen to be female. Couple this with the oddly targeted nature of Planned Parenthood clinics in minority and poor neighborhoods, and a strange picture seems to appear. Why, it almost seems as if the proponents of abortion use it to facilitate the elimination of classes and categories of people that they publicly proclaim to support, but privately loathe. They say, and derive public support from saying, that they are champions of minorities, women, the disabled, the disadvantaged, the poor; but with abortion (and upcoming, euthanasia) they at the same time work to eliminate these people.

I would certainly start thinking about worrying if I heard this set of people start including a group to which I belonged to their list of people needing government ‘help’. Like, should we include ugly people in the ADA??? Will they start defending abortion if the genetic tests suggest the baby might be ugly? How about permitting euthanasia for people who find themselves irretrievably ugly? It brings to mind the real question: what are these government sanctioned murders for? In every case it is for population control of some subset of the human race. (Except for environmentalist greenies who want to eliminate all but a few of us; they include all of humanity other than themselves.)

What will this type of person, this group, this death-cult do if abortion on demand doesn’t control the population the way they want? Forced abortions and sterilizations? What about concentration camps? Which, true to Goodwin’s law, brings up in conclusion the very real connection between modern liberals and the early 20th century eugenicists. They gave up the name, but kept the ideology that if only we could eliminate the undesirable parts of the population, then we could achieve utopia. So yeah, Hitler….

Readers may say that I wildly exaggerate.  Considering, however that the world is missing 200 million women due to sex-selective abortion as well as untold minorities, poor, and potentially disabled,  the correlation between the Nazi philosophy, the modern liberal philosophy and the Nazi methods and the method of abortion are not overblown. Recall that Margret Sanger (planned parenthood founder) wanted abortion to be cheap and available to poor minorities so that the ‘human weeds’ would control their own population.

So, beware special treatment; also beware ‘free’ healthcare because once the government cannot afford to pass out free healthcare to all, the ‘unnecessary’ and ‘unproductive’ will be the ones to be denied treatment (first) on top of already being aborted at the highest rate. That is, the most inconvenient will be allowed, or forced, to die.


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    An excellent article on the hypocrisy between Liberals’ words and deeds in the case of abortion.

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