Hue Discrimination

Trying to work out what experiments are required to form a Hammett plot got exhausting so I took a break and took this color discrimination test. You rearrange tiles into the correct order and then when you submit it counts how many you got wrong.

colorpickertestSo I got 11 tiles in the wrong place, (there are 100 tiles to move, the end ones are fixed) so that’s not too bad, I figure, 89% accuracy (and its not like I double checked my answers, I didn’t even do that on exams…  🙂 ) What was interesting from the perspective of someone who dabbles in painting is that all 11 were in the same region. I arraigned 1, 2, and 4 perfectly an made all my mistakes in (or around) number 3 as far as I can tell from the report.

HueDiscriminationYet another oddity, I thought I did worst in row 4, and about the same in 1, 2, and 3… Well, I suggest you go and take the test and see if you are better than me 🙂 I only took about 5 minutes to do it.


3 responses to “Hue Discrimination

  1. Keep in mind that this depends on how accurately your monitor reproduces color as much as it does on your ability to discern colors. 🙂

  2. No argument there; definitely a fun little test.

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