Minimum Wage: Part I

We are about to embark on a minimum wage kick. These posts are the work of Debbie Thompson (the author of the book study guides available under that amazingly clear tab ‘Book Study Guides’). I have done some editing because the content is based on a long essay she wrote for an ethics class. And seeing as around 3k words is a very very very long blog post, I decided that I would do some light editing to turn the essay into a series of posts, of an undefined length, based on the major points of the paper. I will also have the works referenced in each post cited in the post they are mentioned in so that you can go look at them. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you think about minimum wage differently afterwords. Remember, the opinions expressed in this series are the opinions of the author, which I am very likely to share…

Here is the abstract of the essay to get you started. expect Part II within a few days.

“Ethical thinking about minimum wage laws has been built by the emotive desire for equal outcomes in pay regardless of skill, age, education, or demand for a particular skill or education. It has become standard to think of this in terms of whether or not it is fair for some people to earn more than other people, or for some people to earn more than they need while others do not. This paper urges use of consequentialist ethics which analyzes results rather than relying on emotions or intent to determine the merit of the law. Because those who promote minimum wage tend to think they represent the moral high ground, the essay examines the intent of its first advocates. In the light of that examination the discussion concludes by challenging readers to a renewed skepticism and appreciation of the role of reason. Examining verifiable data will ultimately lead to an acknowledgement of the abject failure of minimum wage law and its adverse effects upon the very people it is supposed to help.


3 responses to “Minimum Wage: Part I

  1. Government programs a chock full of “adverse effects upon the very people it is supposed to help.”

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