The rock I have been under

So as it turns out, I have dwelt under a large rock for the past long while, but with the upcoming installation of a fireplace, and the soon to be winter break, I think I shall write more. It is bad to not write when one has ideas. They grow and start picking fights with each other.

I have managed to write 92.76% of a novella (that number has far too many significant figures, of course). One of these days (after finals) I plan to write the last 11.23% of it… (If your round both of those numbers to one significant figure… it works out.)  But really nothing else managed to get written. (As long as you do not count the 6 lectures and 2 labs per week last semester and the 3 lectures, recitation, and so forth this semester… in which case, a lot of things were written, just they were not very interesting to the general population (or even to at least half my class, I am sure…)

I would like to share, before a go, the link to the recent Missouri synod statement on the intersection of science and Christian theology, It is so well done, I based a Senior level paper assignment on it this semester (in order to try and get the students to read it…)  If you search, you can also find the pdf for free.

Well, I will probably go back under the rock for a bit, but if I get a moment, I will be trying to write more here and elsewhere…




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