Big Gov’t or Big Pharma…

The FDA regulatory environment essentially creates monopolies… and the patent lifetime laws on new pharmaceuticals gives companies only a tiny amount of time to recoup the losses of developing a new drug and then make enough profit to remain in business… add the two together and you get the expensive epipen and massive cost for the medicines we take. Sure the companies that have the quasi-monopolies love it, but these costs are mostly not¬†due to evil big pharma corporations, it is due to the unintended (Charitable interpretation)¬†effect of government regulations. Blaming the company is falling for the red herring… and also, having more government (such as proposed in the quote here by Hillary) will guarantee that new drugs will not be developed.

One response to “Big Gov’t or Big Pharma…

  1. It has just come to my attention that some doctors are now ‘finally’ prescribing an existing offbrand. It took a few weeks for this option to be considered. And also some people are considering the old fashioned way of delivering the dose: a needle, just like diabetic children have been doing a few times a day for years. How long will it take for this to either effect the price of epipens or for the gov’t to regulate these options off the table?

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