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The Start of the Sonnet Duel!

In response to thalia3’s most recent post (as well as my recent completion of a poem of the same form) I hereby challenge thalia3 to a contest most severe. This is a break with the past for this blog, as I will now be occasionally posting sonnets I have written, as this is a sonnet duel.

The rules agreed upon are as follows:

1. Both myself and thalia3 must post one sonnet on our respective blogs once every two weeks by midnight Sunday. (my first entry, tonight’s is the exception) This means that the next round is due the 1st of April (and this is no joke)

2. The poem MUST be a sonnet, although not necessarily specifically a Shakespearean one or whatever.  14 lines, Iambic pentameter in the majority, coherent rhyme scheme… etc.

3. Whoever does not post a Sonnet in time loses… the other wins 🙂 (duh)

4. We do encourage readers to comment either here or there which they consider better. It will be a back-up judging method.

5. In cases of doubt, our referee will be Melpomene if the Lady Tragedy is agreeable.

That’s about it, my reply to thalia3 is to follow.

The Magic Mirror: and Other Stories

This is a collection of 5 of my short stories available for kindle edition. (Of course you can also read the excerpt there as well.) These stories all attempt to strike one chord each. They are short stories after all. The titles of each are: The Devil Child, The Garden, The Magic Mirror, True Dawn, and lastly The Cigarette. The Devil Child is a short tale of spiritual conflict, The Garden is about forgiveness (or the lack thereof), The Magic Mirror is a retelling of Snow White except it is about the downward spiral the Evil Queen takes from pride down to black magic, True Dawn is about the end of the world, and lastly The Cigarette is a very short alternate attempt to answer the question from ‘The Great Divorce’: What method might God use to give everyone an opportunity for salvation? I wont review my own work here (or anywhere) so that’s all.