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The Red Car of Apocalypse

Well, Leonidas is teething… 20120604-180531.jpg…… Anyway, the constant interruption of sleep must have something to do with this new strange thing my mind is doing… everything seems to be related. I mean like everything. These obscure news stories, and these little-known facts, they are all part of a massive scheme, a web of lies. Lets start here: someone blew up something in Latakia last week. It was probably the Israelis. ‘the SMC’s [Supreme Military Command] office, which thinks “everything is Israel,’. You know, that might just be true too!

Look at this story, I’;ll explain how everything fits together in a minute, this looks like a jump, but its connected.

According to police, 22-year-old Reginald Davis fled a bail bondsman at a motel in Woodbridge on Wednesday, slamming into several vehicles in the parking lot, forcing him to flee on foot into a nearby wooded area, where an officer took chase accompanied by a police dog named Titan that was quickly attacked and bitten by a potentially rabid groundhog, thus forcing the officer to shoot and kill the groundhog, before he and Titan continued the search for Davis who had scaled a jersey wall and stumbled onto I-95 where he was struck by a passing motorist and subsequently taken to a hospital and then booked into a local jail on multiple charges, including malicious wounding and felony hit-and-run….allegedly.

This man knew something. Thats the only explanation. He knew something important, so he has to be ‘crazy’. And you see this next headline, and you know for sure that these people just want to literally watch the world burn:

Fifty-nine percent of Americans support banning abortions past 20 weeks (five months), including 41 percent who strongly favor doing so, according to a survey conducted for the Huffington Post. Just 30 percent of respondents oppose such a law, with 21 percent strongly opposing.

I mean, dont they know that overpopulation is leading to the extinction of everything??! do they want us to fry the earth in our vain quest to reproduce ourselves?

I think, in fact, they do! they want a large pool of people to choose the genetically best for breeding stock to save in their apocalypse bunkers. You see, they have built them all over the world, but the headquarters is hidden in plain sight:imagesThats right, Denver International Airport. They probably would have put it in Jerusalem, but too many people would have noticed. In Denver, only a few people who see things clearly know what is going on.

Do you really think it is any coincidence that the whole middle east, and soon to be the whole world is in chaos??? Iraq has increasing violence, why its not called a war is purely political manipulations. Even Luxemburg is undergoing problems… did anyone even know Luxembourg even had a prime minister??? I think the one thing that ties this all together is this little story here… Israel is looking to rebuild the Temple, on the Temple mount: Israel Seeks to Build Holy Temple Instead of Al-Aqsa!!!

I am pretty sure that the end is near, that the secret masters of this world will soon retreat to their luxurious bunkers around the world and then they will unleash plauge and earthquakes and nuke us all… and I think the clinching piece of evedence was seen last night on the SyFy channel:sharknado

And that, that was today’s Apocalyptic red car799px-Red_Corvette_Stingray_pic1

The Impossible Red Car (of DOOM!)

Update: Due to the claim made in the comments below, this post has been updated somewhat. (A picture has been deleted) That might make the point seem less cogent, but perhaps not. Maybe it wasn’t so coherent in the first place…

Anyway: to start off with a good quote about what is possible and what isn’t.

First, not everything that exists in the imagination can be achieved. Wishful thinking is no guide to policy. Just because you desire something does not mean it will or can be achieved. The whole purpose of human logic is to estimate the odds and chances.

Second, though, within limits change of a positive nature is possible. That’s why one has to experiment and try. On these decisions and deeds many lives depend. The decision of American colonists to take on the strongest power in the world, Britain, in 1776 and that of Israeli leaders to declare independence in 1948 were risky ventures. Yet although outsiders might judge them more so, those involved realized that the attempt was not beyond the possibility of success.

But, again, you have to understand, with unflinching realism, the problems and the risks involved. This judgment is not a matter of ideology, of set and predetermined and unwavering blind belief. At a certain point, ideology gets in the way.

About so many things, moderns, especially liberals, wish to only try the impossible. They wish to change the nature of man, or reorder society like Mao in the Great Leap Forward. (And they want to be judged for their intentions, rather than their results… another childish characteristic.)

Mao’s stipulated purpose was to mobilize the entire population to transform China into a socialist powerhouse — producing both food and industrial goods — much faster than might otherwise be possible. This would be both a national triumph and an ideological triumph, proving to the world that socialism could triumph over capitalism.

That is from an article comparing several governmental interventions, project that tyrants of semi-tyrants plunged into to do the impossible. (and to take power and such.)

I also suspect that it is a remarkably similar idea that makes people believe that they can be good enough to deserve salvation… In any case, remember: You cannot do the impossible. You might be able to do something that most people think is impossible… which is an entirely different proposition.


The Capricious Red Car: Tyranny

Well, it looks like it is busy season again with research, so red cars may be the only posts for a while.

So… what makes a tyrant? I think a lot of people would include in their definitions some concept of severity. For instance, Texas executes criminals, murderers and the like. That, in many people’s minds, constitutes tyranny. I do think this is a flawed  qualification. (But that is for another time)

Also, you certainly cannot have tyranny without power, hence why the founders of America did everything they could to de-claw, de-fang and neuter the government. However, I think a key distinction between tyranny and justice is consistency. Some fancy people call this the ‘rule of law’, where the more a law applies to everyone, in every situation, and every age, the more likely it is a just law. Obviously there are other qualifications, but this week’s red car is capriciousness and tyranny.


The Mob: Here is an interesting story: in Texas over 60% of the people support a law, the people’s elected representatives move to pass it, an opposing representative filibusters… so far, so good. So far in this story, the machinery of self-rule is working. You see, we all vote to decide who makes decisions for us, and the people who voted for the fillabusterette J would expect her to use every procedural method to stop this bill, this is a check to obstruct the tyranny of the majority (like in Turkey). Then tyranny happened. You see, when the filibuster ended, the crowd, the mob, shouted and shrieked to interfere with the process of lawmaking long enough for the lawmaking session to be over. Hence, the tyranny of the loudest and the most won the day. If this was the example of the system is supposed to work, this system would be tyrannical. The sheer capriciousness of who can get the most, the loudest and obnoxious people together get to stop whatever they want? How can you argue with a chanting shouting mob? You cannot; this is tyranny of the mob. Fortunately, Governor Perry is a resolute man, and he called another special session to thwart these mob tyrants.

Democratized Tyranny:  In case you didn’t recognize it, the subject of the law above was making abortion illegal after 20 weeks. Which brings up abortion. There was the article I saw recently about a woman who had her first abortion to save her volleyball career. This is a sort of ultimate tyranny. Feminists have succeeded in giving every women the opportunity to be a tyrant, and this isn’t just the ability to make other people miserable, nor is it the ability to fine people, or sue them: this is the ability to kill people just for being inconvenient. The only qualifications are that 1) only women can do it and 2) they can only murder their children if they happen to still be inside their bodies. This level of capricious power is perhaps the most evil thing in out world today or even ever. I think many of my readers will agree that to capriciously kill a baby in the womb is tyrannical as well as evil, but what about the babies that are kept, also on a whim. Imagine the implications of motherhood for the woman who kept her baby on a whim in the full knowledge that she could have (or almost) had it killed.

Standard Tyranny Hooray, Qatar has a new Emir. A new tyrant for a new age.

Those are the red cars today. Its been a busy day 🙂

The Red Car of Death

So there you are, walking to work, you look left, you look right, you step into the road and you get hit by a red car and you die… 799px-Red_Corvette_Stingray_pic1

This week two ‘newsworthy’ deaths occurred, James Gandolfini and Michael Hastings, the former newsworthy because his name is almost Gandolf (and because he was Tony Soprano… that too, but I havn’t seen the Sopranos or any part of it…) the latter because he was a journalist who died somewhat bizarrely. Gandolfini died of a heart attack in Italy, and Hastings died in a flaming single car accident. (I find myself thinking more and more like a conspiracy theorist these days. It is mostly the governments fault, if it behaves in a way that justifies the suspicious people like me, we will eventually become flat out conspiracy theorists. Why, for instance, is it impossible that Hastings was shut up permanently by the thug politicians? You may say that intimidation is one thing, and murder another, but what evidence is there that those in the government, the president, the appointees, the union bosses, have any moral red line?)  But this is about death not conspiracies.

Hastings died in a fatal single-car crash at 4:25 on Tuesday morning. A witness said his car “suddenly jackknifed” before crossing the median and hitting a tree, causing a ferocious explosion that reportedly threw the engine block of the brand new Mercedes Hastings was driving 30 or 40 yards from the car. Mercedes engine blocks typically weigh between 290 and 540 pounds. It would take tremendous speed or force to throw one nearly half the length of a football field.

“It sounded like a bomb went off in the middle of the night,” another witness told the TV station. “The house shook, my windows were rattling.”

Hastings’ body was burned “beyond recognition,” according to reports.

These two news reports trigger in my mind a whole series of thoughts about death and modern society. It is a strange paradox that a culture obsessed with not dying is also, in fact, a culture of death. We just don’t want to see it, but apparently most people are comfortable using it to avoid responsibility. A huge number of people embrace abortion and euthanasia, with various platitudes and pretenses, but in reality abortion and euthanasia are nothing more than the state-sanctioned murder of those who are inconvenient. And at the same time, people religiously pursue a cure for cancer. Here I may tread on a few toes, but the cure for cancer is irrelevant and useless for what most people actually want it for. Instead of being a humble cure for a horrible, but rather pedestrian sickness, most people have a fanatic’s belief in the cure for cancer; for them it is the first step to curing death. And I have bad news for everyone: if we cure cancer, something else will kill us. We all owe God a death.

What would a culture of life look like? Unfortunately we will never know in this world in its entirety, but we must always strive for perfection, even knowing that it is doomed to fail. Chesterton (I think) says (somewhere) that Eastern courage is the disdain of life, while Western courage is the disdain of death. While the West is losing its grasp on its culture, the distinction is, I think, instructive for the culture of life. The Christian loves his life, for it is a gift from God, but his life is an eternal one, so earthly death is scorned and disdained. I very much wonder whether a culture of life might not be rather obsessed with death. Death is the end of our suffering, the release from the trials of the world, it is something to be welcomed when God brings it, not sought out upon the time-table we wish, but received with gratitude when God wishes to call us to our real home. In this way, people wish to die a good death. What is a good death? Remembering and believing that:

Jesus sinners doth receive.
Also I have been forgiven;
And when I this earth must leave,
I shall find an open Heaven.
Dying, still to Him I cleave—
Jesus sinners doth receive.

I know nothing more about the two deaths I started with,  but every time someone ‘newsworthy’ dies it is like a somber bell ringing through the darkness of the mad modern world that death comes to all. You can pretend it doesn’t matter, you can even pretend that science will help you live forever like someone I knew in college: but the reality denied and obscured by this modern world is the clear and hard truth is that we do indeed owe God a death, and death certainly comes to all.

The Flat-Earth is a Red Car

So there I was, getting my very first cavity cleaned and filled, ‘chatting’ with the dentist. ‘How are you?’ “gerblopflllob…” ‘Oh good, glad to hear that.’ ‘What do you study?’ (Shut up you idiot and fix my tooth!) “Hchemfloptry” ‘Oh, chemistry. (How the hell did he know what I said?) ‘Science is so strange. You think you know something and then more evidence arrives and it was all wrong.’ ‘sthop trup’ (so true) ‘One minute people are being burned at the stake for thinking the world is round and the next people sail around it.’120308_1200065_CAR_F12berlinetta_430x140

With educated ignorance like this, who needs stupid people? At least my tooth filling looks good, so good in fact you can’t even tell it’s there. They clean it out and fill it in, sculpting it in and then the set it with UV light… very cool. But the level of ignorance was absurd. So when did the belief that Christian Europe was backward, unscientific, stupid, and killed people for observing the universe start? Well, it is amusing to read the Wikipedia entry about the flat earth concept. Apparently, Europeans have generally believed the earth is round since Pythagoras. In fact the entry becomes more and more amusing as you discover that the idea of a spherical earth came to India in the early AD centuries from exposure to… Greek astronomy, and to the Islamic scientists from the translation of Greek cosmology from Constantinople into Arabic… China was way behind, finding out about the (apparently European) idea of a spherical earth in the 17th century from the Jesuits. So why, for any reason, do so many people believe that the medieval Christians think the earth was flat? And why are so many people willing to ascribe to them the act of killing the people who held the standard belief about the earth.

The mis-characterization of the medieval times and the time following is what I consider to be the most successful, most damaging, most pervasive campaign of lies, slanders, and libels in history. Here it is in a picture:tumblr_l22pkanVE51qbi5yxo1_500

That’s right, blame the dark ages on Christianity… because they totally happened and they were totally the fault of believing in the Christian God. Despite the fact that the picture graph was obviously made by an ignorant hack without even a tenuous grasp of history of any kind, let alone scientific advancement. The sad state of the matter is that many, maybe even most, people walk around in their lives with this view of history, with this view of Christianity, and this view of the west. Now, I am sure there was some time while Rome was falling, slowly backing out of what is now Western Europe it felt pretty dark, like this:

For the end of the world was long ago,
When the ends of the world waxed free,
When Rome was sunk in a waste of slaves,
And the sun drowned in the sea.

When Caesar’s sun fell out of the sky
And whoso hearkened right
Could only hear the plunging
Of the nations in the night.

Also, the science of the region fell dramatically: but you try to keep civilization going when being overrun by Vandals, Visigoths, et al. However, the purposefully forgotten piece of history is that the more populous of the Christian world at the time was the Eastern Roman Empire which survived with its science intact. Also, happily expunged are the brave and great people who cobbled civilization back together after Rome receded. Men like Alcuin who were part of this first ‘renaissance’ that only came to an end upon the onset of the little ice age. Alcuin is forgotten, conveniently perhaps, because one of his most important contributions was rebuking Charlemagne for his campaign of forced conversions saying this:

“Faith is a free act of the will, not a forced act. We must appeal to the conscience, not compel it by violence. You can force people to be baptized, but you cannot force them to believe.”

Wikipedia (the lazy blogger’s source… this is a red car (or is it a white rabbit) that I am chasing, no time for anything better than Wiki) goes on to say that in response Charlemagne abolished the death penalty for paganism in … 797 AD.

So where does the firmly held belief that Christian Europe was backward, and autocratic? I don’t know, but I suspect an evil cabal 🙂 of enlightenment thinkers and their ideological descendants. If the medieval ages were not dark, than their argument against God starts crumbling…

Bill Nye: The Red Car

Introducing red car Friday!
From now on, until I get bored of it, every Friday will feature a red car, like last week’s post on the middle ages. Also, whenever I can there will be other posts too… but here is today’s red car.
Bill Nye… the science guy…. You see him here and there on the news, expounding, pontificating, telling people what they should believe and what they shouldn’t believe. Here he is at Smithsonian magazine where the subtitle is: ‘The famous scientist cuts through the global warming noise and lays out the facts.’

And by the way, if you go watch it (embedding wasn’t working for some reason.) the bottles are absolutely nothing like our atmosphere with its many, barely understood equilibration systems. It is a horrible example.

Anyway, that’s Bill Nye… ‘famous scientist’ here is another situation, at the commencement speech at Lehigh University, where he said that overpopulation is a huge world problem….

And Bill Nye, apparently a real scientist…. Talking about the OK tornado.

Bill Nye is an expert in basically everything!

He also really hates the idea of creationism

So, Bill Nye is apparently an expert in: Climate science, Evolutionary biology, demographics, basically he’s like a scientist at everything!!!! So I wondered… what, exactly, are his credentials as a scientist (other than, you know, being called ‘the science guy’ which is catchy and cool because it rhymes with his last name…)

Well, according to Wikipedia

‘He studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University (where one of his professors was Carl Sagan)[9] and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1977.[10] Nye began his career in Seattle at Boeing, where, among other things, he starred in training films and developed a hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor still used in the 747. Later, he worked as a consultant in the aeronautics industry. In 1999 he told the St. Petersburg Times that he applied to be a NASA astronaut every few years, but was always rejected.[11]

I see… he took a class from a real physicist… and… he was repeatedly rejected by NASA so, that makes him a real scientist I guess. I don’t want to deny the possibilities of him being an autodidact, and mechanical engineers are certainly practical and solid thinkers by and large…. But his scientific credentials are remarkably…. thin. For instance in his scientific work, he made a sundial for the Mars rover… which sounds exactly like a project that would be given to a person who was included for the celebrity, rather than for their science…

It seems to me that his scientific credentials are:
1: He has a catchy name with Science in it
2: He endlessly repeats the most popular scientific shibboleths
3: ?????

Am I missing something that would give us good reason to listen to what Bill Nye (Real Scientist) says over someone (anyone) else?