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________ has killed more than Coronavirus

I have made a timeline, of memes. Each meme compares the Kung Flu to some other thing. The timeline is when each one became obsolete.

These are just for U.S. deaths:


March 10th, 2020 — 24 deaths


March 15th, 2020 — 57 deaths (link for Clinton associates now dead)


April 5th, 2020 — 8501 deaths


April 8th, 2020 — 12895 deaths


June 8th, 2020 –110,000 deaths


Next, two sets of data for consideration. (link to FT page) Think about these.



Finally, perspective: This is from a while ago, that ‘novel corona virus’ dot is now bigger than everything at the bottom, and halfway to the Hong-Kong flu. It isn’t Spanish flu yet, although that got worse on mutation which caused most of the deaths.  But the Kung Flu is actually something: not black death, but something.



In the story, the boy who cried wolf, was right once… the fact that H1N1 etc turned out to actually be ‘just another flu’ doesn’t mean that this will do the same.



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Done with Facebook

I deleted my account today. No more Facebook. (I had to do one of those prove you are not a bot enter the letters thing… almost couldn’t do it. I have trouble with them for some reason.

When you get fed up with Facebook too… here is a nice description of how to delete your account.



Whose Coup?

This analysis I thought was really thorough and fascinating. With entirely wrong conclusions. It really does show you a great example of what Scott Adams calls ‘two movies on one screen‘.

Trial Balloon for a Coup?

I think you ought to read it. But before you go, think about this: what is a coup? A coup in the context of a Republic like ours would the overthrow of the legitimate government by illegitimate forces. The timescale and the bloodiness of the coup are irrelevant. What really matters is this: what is the legitimate government of the United States of America? Is it:

A) The President, elected via the electoral college as laid out in the constitution, along with (and checked by) the Senate and House, elected by their individual States, with an independent Judiciary?

B) The layers on layers of administrators in, say the State Department…

The article cites the Guardian in this quote, but it is indicative of what the author believes the answer to that question is.

… another point worth highlighting: “In the past, the state department has been asked to set up early foreign contacts for an incoming administration. This time however it has been bypassed, and Trump’s immediate circle of Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, son-in-law Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus are making their own calls.”

Well… I suppose the power that the administrators have had in the past must always be honored! You shouldn’t dare bypass them! And the President, you know, the commander in chief, has to kowtow to their wishes. (Definitely not fire them… heh…)

Which brings me to my final point. I’m not sure that many Trump voters would disagree with the analysis here. Trump appears to be actively taking power and authority from the administrators. So the question is, is Trump the coup? Or is the long (but exponential) growth of the administrative class; who make laws without being elected by calling them ‘regulations’, impose punishments without due process or trial by jury (looking right at the EPA fine system and the Title IX kangaroo courts), and otherwise usurp the power given in our constitution to the President and congress and courts alone, is that the coup? If the answer is the second, then indeed, we are living through a second American civil war, one that hopefully will remain in the political sphere alone. And that would mean that Trump is the people’s response to their government being overthrown by a tyrannical oligarchy of administers.

(Almost all of these links were found, over time, on Instapundit…)

An Apology (old school) for Trump

Well the time has come… I have reached the conclusion that actually supporting Trump is the best choice we have for America. (In fact I’m starting to think that what we need is a Trump landslide…) I even got the hat. This election, supporting Trump is difficult for many conservatives, and so I feel I owe an explanation, or apology in the old sense, for the hat…


Just after the Indiana primary I was aghast that we were stuck with Trump. After a brief toying with the idea of voting third party (this ended long before the inanity of the ‘Libertarian’ ticket was fully exposed) I found myself convinced that the proper position of a conservative was the #NeverHillary camp. After all, I voted for Senator ‘only ever does something in the senate if it sabotages conservative goals’ McCain and Gov. ‘I basically invented state-run healthcare in America’ Romney in my own personal #NeverObama voting pattern. Sure, those candidates only pretended to be conservative when it suited them, but they were better than the alternative. And so it seemed to me that voting for Trump was not really any more of a ‘compromise’ of my conservative principals than voting for those two. I have long held a political theory that voting for principled governors and state representatives, school boards, alderman etc is where the real conservative revolution needs to be. (This is why I am a Scott Walker supporter, and a Sheriff Clarke supporter.) As for the presidency, in my personal system, I vote for the best candidate that might be able to win, and I hope that our bottom-up conservatism can take effect before our country’s top-down authoritarianism can ruin us. Its a close thing right now, and so I decided sometime just before the conventions that Trump might be able to buy our bottom-up conservatism some time, while Hillary would be game over. So I decided to vote for Trump.

So how’d I get from ‘ok I’ll vote for Trump’ to actual support. I mean, look at the garish hat, right?

Well, it started with an rant from Ace at Ace of Spades HQ. I don’t remember the actual page, but if you read through enough you’ll catch the general tone from Ace. I think, like Ace, that the conservative intellectuals who are actively working against Trump with the idea that we’ll get a conservative in 2020 or 2024 have lost their way. Basically, my general thoughts and feelings were summed up in toto by Publius Decius Mus in the ‘Flight 93 Election‘. What with Obama using the government to target and suppress political opposition (documented fact, not conspiracy theory) I do not have much confidence at all that there even would be a meaningful election in 2020 or 2024 with a Hillary presidency. I know… that sounds histrionic; but the entire government has been politicized and weaponized with just 8 years of Obama, into an entity that suppressed the political opposition in 2012 and that permitted Hillary and her entire guilty staff off the hook after being caught committing crimes. After all this, Obama is found out to have used a pseudonym to email Hillary, making one wonder if he has a privet email server… and what he might be using it for. We also have had the tyrannical, despotic, ‘John Doe’ investigations here in Milwaukee… does it stretch the imagination all that far that under Pres. Hillary we would have people who voice political opposition have their doors kicked in by SWAT at 3am? If you think this impossible, just remember, that that is exactly what happened in Milwaukee county and the man most directly responsible just got reelected!

Its not just this, though. There is a fundamental principal I’ll call the truth  of little things. It is an apt saying that a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time, but Trump has said uncomfortable, true things, enough times that I am starting to think that, though crude and unpleasant, he is often right. I saw it said somewhere that Trump is like a doctor with no bedside manner saying ‘You’re fat, you need to lose 100 lbs and stop smoking like a chimney if you want to live much longer.’

Allow me to digress a little bit and then return to this ‘Truth of little things’ which I believe is something utterly fundamental to our (conservative) cause. We have come upon a time in America where the elected and media elite believe themselves unaccountable to the normal voter. They promise balanced budgets every year, and every year they build the debt. We’ve gotten border securing promises from politicians from both parties over and over and over… and hmm… they don’t do that because that is not what they, the enlightened ones, think is best. They think Trump is a disaster because the un-college educated want to vote for him, and because he is crude and unpolished in presidential debates.

In our age of trigger warnings and microagressions and men who are pretending to be woman being read into title IX… our elite government, the leftist totalitarians and their ‘right-wing’ enablers are very close to enforcing actual despotism upon us. When we fear being beaten in the streets for supporting a major-party candidate… when we fear that so much we buckle under and vote for what the powerful want us to vote for, if we do that, America will lose its very soul. We will have participated in our own subjugation. It is like the theory on communist propaganda. Kim Jong Il never pooped, not because people would believe it, but because forcing people to force themselves to believe something ludicrous is tantamount to making their reason and self-identity commit suicide so that they can be integrated into the collective whole.

So it is that voting for Trump is a revolutionary act. Perhaps these last few weeks before the election are our last days of being able to speak our mind. Our last few moments to believe what our eyes see: to say, if you have an X and Y chromosome, you are a man. And for Christians, this may be our twilight days of our being able to say that homosexuality is sinful without being fined, our business shut down, our churches closed… This might happen even if Trump wins, our Republic may have been lost already. But one way or the other, I believe we ought to go down fighting, saying ‘I want to be alive, I want my country and my culture to live. I will tell the truth, even though the would-be god-kings of DC don’t want me to.’

I leave you with this from Chesterton: I think we may have come upon these days…  ‘Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.


Flight 93 election

You need to read this article: (from Rush, of course)

2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.


More to the point, what has conservatism achieved lately? In the last 20 years? The answer—which appears to be “nothing”—might seem to lend credence to the plea that “our ideas haven’t been tried.” Except that the same conservatives who generate those ideas are in charge of selling them to the broader public. If their ideas “haven’t been tried,” who is ultimately at fault? The whole enterprise of Conservatism, Inc., reeks of failure. Its sole recent and ongoing success is its own self-preservation. Conservative intellectuals never tire of praising “entrepreneurs” and “creative destruction.” Dare to fail! they exhort businessmen. Let the market decide! Except, um, not with respect to us. Or is their true market not the political arena, but the fundraising circuit?

A Little P.S.A. on Fascism…

Here follows a public service announcement for all those who might be tempted to vote for Hillary because ‘Trump is basically a fascist’…

The word ‘fascist’ comes from the word for an ancient symbol (and also the word for bundle) ‘fasces’. Here is a rendition of that symbol:


It is a bundle of sticks, bound together. The idea being that the sticks are stronger together………………………………. oh……………………………………………


Literally a fascist slogan! And that, really, shouldn’t surprise anyone… fascists are leftists after all. Somehow, after WWII, leftists got away with pretending that fascists were right wing… but that was always a lie.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning, literally, as a fascist.

PSA is over…


Big Gov’t or Big Pharma…

The FDA regulatory environment essentially creates monopolies… and the patent lifetime laws on new pharmaceuticals gives companies only a tiny amount of time to recoup the losses of developing a new drug and then make enough profit to remain in business… add the two together and you get the expensive epipen and massive cost for the medicines we take. Sure the companies that have the quasi-monopolies love it, but these costs are mostly not due to evil big pharma corporations, it is due to the unintended (Charitable interpretation) effect of government regulations. Blaming the company is falling for the red herring… and also, having more government (such as proposed in the quote here by Hillary) will guarantee that new drugs will not be developed.

On the Athanatos Christian Arts and Apologetics Festival

Medieval Otaku

Over one week has passed since I’ve written a proper blog.  (See “Examining Old School Anime: The Saints Point to Christ“)  I still need to comment on the new season among other things, but this post will be on my trip to Greenwood, Wisconsin in order to attend the Athanatos Christian Arts and Apologetics Festival.  Placing third in their short story contest of 2009, being a semi-finalist of the 2015 Novel Contest, and counting as a great friend of one of the contest judges ensured my invitation to the event.  Part of the idea behind the festival was that attendees would camp on site, but my friend (the blogger of Dusty Thanes) and I declined this opportunity in exchange for a comfy hotel room.  At a high of 81°F, the weather was appreciably cooler than here in Alabama, for which I was grateful.

Martha and Mary

Besides enjoying a…

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Lesser of two evils

Evil is not synonymous with ‘uncomfortable’ and good is not synonymous with ‘comfortable’. Neither is evil definable as ‘that which horrifies you’ nor ‘that which you find shocking’ nor ‘that which makes you feel like vomiting’. To define evil in such fashion is to accept a postmodern view of moral truth. Evil and Good are not defined by how you, as an individual, as a church group, as a culture, feel! It should surprise exactly no-one who believes in original sin that evil is often comfortable to the human mind and that in a wicked world, good can often be something uncivilized, even horrifying. This is what you ought to expect if Good and Evil are defined by God, not by you. If they were defined by you, good would always feel nice and evil would always feel icky.

This situation (Which, unless you, dear reader, are postmodernists, you cannot avoid agreement with, at least in principal. You may disagree with the extent of the effect, but not the effect itself.) vastly complicates the paradigm of both the human idea that one ought to choose the lesser of two evils and the Christian belief that when presented a choice between two evils, choose neither.

Here’s a great example:

In this situation, you might claim that Captain Aubrey chose the lesser evil. He did choose the lesser misfortune, but that is not really the same thing.

We as Christians must never confuse misfortune or unpleasantness with evil. We are faced now with a particularly unpleasant choice, but I do not believe the choice is as presented in this meme.


When Jesus said to render Caesar what is Caesar’s, He knew about Nero… What Americans are doing this fall is choosing who will be our Caesar. Christians voting are not really being made to choose between two evils.  We are choosing between a demonstrably dangerous, demonstrably treasonous, unindicted felon and a possibly dangerous, possibly racist, definite buffoon… It is not a good choice, but we have no other. We do not have the Roman’s privilege of non-participation in deciding who would be Caesar. Americans have a vocation to participate in the selection of their rulers. In my belief, the choice in this election is between voting for evil and voting for ugly unpleasantness: This is entirely different than choosing between two evils. Therefore, if on election day you decide, as a Christian, that you cannot in your own conscience voter choice as president, exercise your vocation as an American and vote down ballot. Meantime, do not impute guilt onto my conscience if I decide to vote for the ugly unpleasant choice over the evil choice.