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Convention Shenanigans

As anyone who has read anything else here knows, I am not a Democrat. And so watching the video of the debacle last night at the DNC was rather satisfying. It also made me indignant on behalf of the delegates. There is no way that the amendments received a 2/3 vote.

Courtesy: Ace of Spades HQ

All those boos have been interpreted as boos against God, or against Israel, and I can certainly believe that to be the case for many. But I was booing, in my living room, at the flagrant disregard of the rules demonstrated by the high level democrats against their rank-and-file delegates. I guess it was a microcosm of DNC tactics, continue voting until you get the result you want, and failing that, just pretend it happened. Anyway, if you haven’t seen this video of this mess, you should. It is way bigger a mess than the little rules spat at the RNC last week.

Garbage Police

Imagine Garbage Police… actually you don’t have to since the DNC has them. All I can say is this, if this type of interfering busybody continues to be elected, they will not rest until they run every part of everyone’s lives like this.

At many garbage stations there are “environmental consultants” to help people choose the right bin, or, if need be, reach in and move the garbage to the right one. For example, one of the consultants repeatedly stopped kitchen help at the trash cans to advise which cans to use: cardboard in “Recycle,” food in “Compost,” styrofoam cups in “Landfill.”

On a high note, those stuff like those ‘environmental consultants’ hopefully contribute to the fast burn rate of the Obama/DNC money supply.