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I’m about to poke a wasp’s nest: not one of those 2 hour old ones with, like 5 wasps on it, but a big full one…. Are women funny?

(I was going to just put “Answer: No… :)” here, but I decided that perhaps some people would stop reading immediately then…)

From anecdotal evidence: I have a funny wife (not just claimed to avoid the couch…) a funny mom and a sister who sometimes borders on the amusing. Naturally, I’m the funniest one (NB ‘Eat the Curds of fortitude’ is exhibit A), but yes. On to the article which was… wrong… on the internet…

The article begins with an anecdote about a TA:

A few years ago, Laura Mickes was teaching her regular undergraduate class on childhood psychological disorders at the University of California, San Diego. It was a weighty subject, so occasionally she would inject a sarcastic comment about her own upbringing to lighten the mood. When she collected her professor evaluations at the end of the year, she was startled by one comment in particular:

“She’s not funny,” the student wrote.

We could start to theorize why this women wasn’t found to be funny by her students, but I think as you read the article (which is interesting on several levels) you will start to form a picture as to what might have counted as ‘a sarcastic comment’. (Also note: sarcasm is hard, you have to be very good natured, funny in other ways, and perhaps even self-deprecating to pull off sarcasm in front of students. Like everyone else, students will find untempered sarcasm to be just nastiness, not humor, from male and female alike.)

The article discusses much interesting research into humor, but the odd thing about this article is the tone… It is hard to place at first, and then one finds increasing levels of bitterness. Somewhere closing in on the end comes the moment of enlightenment for the reader.

“If funniness is an implement of power, women deserve access to it, too.”

Welp… that’s your problem right there. Feminism is fundamentally Nietzschean, where the interplay of the sexes is actually a battle for power over each other. Also, apparently humor is only about power.  Women who have spent their lives absorbing all this poison are also women who automatically dismiss criticism from men as sexist and misogynistic. (How can you learn to make men laugh if you assume that the only reason they don’t is that they hate women?) By assuming that every man that doesn’t laugh is a misogynist, these women cut off their learning feedback and so will never actually be funny. They may be adept at mockery and witty spite, but belly laughter will always elude them.

Humor comes from a real desire to have other people laughing and at ease. This can be honed by lots of trial and error, wherein if something makes your audience laugh you do more of it, and if it doesn’t, you take the instant feedback and try something else. Its possible that, if the women who are angry that men don’t think they are funny just tried and tried until they found some things that work… maybe they’d be funny too. If you look at the research discussed in the article, you’ll find that that is how men are perceived to be funny, they just try more times and more things.


The Red Car of Apocalypse

Well, Leonidas is teething… 20120604-180531.jpg…… Anyway, the constant interruption of sleep must have something to do with this new strange thing my mind is doing… everything seems to be related. I mean like everything. These obscure news stories, and these little-known facts, they are all part of a massive scheme, a web of lies. Lets start here: someone blew up something in Latakia last week. It was probably the Israelis. ‘the SMC’s [Supreme Military Command] office, which thinks “everything is Israel,’. You know, that might just be true too!

Look at this story, I’;ll explain how everything fits together in a minute, this looks like a jump, but its connected.

According to police, 22-year-old Reginald Davis fled a bail bondsman at a motel in Woodbridge on Wednesday, slamming into several vehicles in the parking lot, forcing him to flee on foot into a nearby wooded area, where an officer took chase accompanied by a police dog named Titan that was quickly attacked and bitten by a potentially rabid groundhog, thus forcing the officer to shoot and kill the groundhog, before he and Titan continued the search for Davis who had scaled a jersey wall and stumbled onto I-95 where he was struck by a passing motorist and subsequently taken to a hospital and then booked into a local jail on multiple charges, including malicious wounding and felony hit-and-run….allegedly.

This man knew something. Thats the only explanation. He knew something important, so he has to be ‘crazy’. And you see this next headline, and you know for sure that these people just want to literally watch the world burn:

Fifty-nine percent of Americans support banning abortions past 20 weeks (five months), including 41 percent who strongly favor doing so, according to a survey conducted for the Huffington Post. Just 30 percent of respondents oppose such a law, with 21 percent strongly opposing.

I mean, dont they know that overpopulation is leading to the extinction of everything??! do they want us to fry the earth in our vain quest to reproduce ourselves?

I think, in fact, they do! they want a large pool of people to choose the genetically best for breeding stock to save in their apocalypse bunkers. You see, they have built them all over the world, but the headquarters is hidden in plain sight:imagesThats right, Denver International Airport. They probably would have put it in Jerusalem, but too many people would have noticed. In Denver, only a few people who see things clearly know what is going on.

Do you really think it is any coincidence that the whole middle east, and soon to be the whole world is in chaos??? Iraq has increasing violence, why its not called a war is purely political manipulations. Even Luxemburg is undergoing problems… did anyone even know Luxembourg even had a prime minister??? I think the one thing that ties this all together is this little story here… Israel is looking to rebuild the Temple, on the Temple mount: Israel Seeks to Build Holy Temple Instead of Al-Aqsa!!!

I am pretty sure that the end is near, that the secret masters of this world will soon retreat to their luxurious bunkers around the world and then they will unleash plauge and earthquakes and nuke us all… and I think the clinching piece of evedence was seen last night on the SyFy channel:sharknado

And that, that was today’s Apocalyptic red car799px-Red_Corvette_Stingray_pic1

A Sunny Afternoon

Walking across campus can be a strange and entertaining event. One hears snippets of conversation that frequently amuse. The other day, however, I was accidentally privy to a rather extended conversation due to the fact that the conversants were walking at my pace, directly behind me.

Imagine a beautiful late September afternoon, the sun high, a light breeze blowing across the way. And from behind me I start hearing a conversation between two voices, as their path joins mine.

The first voice is a male voice. Not terribly distinguished: a male student voice, of average depth and articulation.  The voices had obviously been talking about something related to a previous visit where there had not been anything to drink. The male voice gallantly offered to provide water, or… Coke Zero.

(Ah, the romance)

 The second voice was a female voice, a bit airy, and definitely blonde sounding. The female voice sounded genuinely impressed by this offer of great bounty, and the two voices continued discussing the water, the Coke Zero, and the lack of anything to drink from their conversation before.

And then, the conversation became even more interesting.

“I don’t have too much…” said the male Voice. ‘I really only have water and Coke Zero, but I do also have Reeses’ cereal.’  (I can only presume he meant Reeses’ Puffs.)

The golden treasure of the dawn?

 The female Voice sounded genuinely impressed: “How did you get Reeses’ Cereal?” The wonder in her voice was palpable. The male voice responded, modestly admitting his general awesomeness: ‘Because I work for the Food Science department, and I’m such a badass they had to give me Reeses cereal.’

(Give me your Reeses Cereal! And bow to the purple Pimpernel!)

And now the lady was wonderfully impressed, as if she was Guinevere, and had just observed the great might and puissance of Lancelot of the Lake. Or perhaps, Ilsa, when she finds Rick again.

(I know, I know, you dont have to tell me, this is ‘Play it Sam’… but this is the expression I was hearing.)

Anyway, the conversation drifted away, and I continued my own route, despite my strong desire to continue hearing the great knight of Cereal Badassery offer up the treasures of his victories to his lady-love.

Last note: If you think I am writing about you, please do not be offended, your conversation was amusing.