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Pandora’s Box

The Libertarian Fad

Wow, a second article in a row ripping Libertarians, I need to watch it, people will think that is all this blog is about 🙂

I have a beautiful dream sometimes: where the two national parties both believe in limited government and the rule of law and we have long national debates on how best to secure Liberty to our children, rather than the ideological civil war between the Bureaucratic state full of moral busybodies and do-gooders versus Americans who want to be left alone. When I read that in Louisiana, Libertarians outnumbered Democrats in congressional races (Challenging 5 of 6 versus the Democrat’s 3, according to Libertarian Republican) I thought that this is how it could start. In those states where Democrats have less and less chance of winning, rather than Republicans getting lazy and careless (and RINO), the Libertarians could get strong enough on a statewide level to compete, and between the two parties (Republican and Libertarian) constantly drive for smaller and less intrusive government.

What a lovely world that would be, state after state, the libertarians keeping Republicans honest enough long enough to develop into one of the two party system. And then I remember the sad miserable truth about Libertarians. They seem to almost never be like the Vodkapundit, they always seem to be moonbats and cultists focused one panaceas like eliminating the Federal Reserve and massive American demilitarization, without a single thought about the consequences of their actions, or the possibility that the problems America faces are far more complicated and will require other solutions as well. I have commented before on the frightening similarity of Ron Paul libertarians and cultist organizations. The biggest thing I notice is the all-encompassing desire to be ‘in the know’ that is fed by Ron Paul and his fans, and eventually pushes them to believe in things like Chemtrails.

However, in the last month or so, another side of the Libertarians has been revealed. They apparently are obnoxious, petty, and spiteful. First, Ron Paul manipulates every loophole to steal a majority of delegates from a number of states that clearly voted in a majority against him. But Oh, foolish Republicans, actually thinking that the vast majority voting in a non-binding primary or caucus for someone would mean that that person would or should take the delegates. According to Libertarians, apparently, democracy and the voice of the people are only important when they vote for libertarians. And now, in petulant anger over a rules change that appears to me to be an attempt to keep people from stealing delegates, some Ron Paul supporting Electors are threatening to withhold their vote from Romney even if he wins their state. So now we find out that in every way, the Ron Paul supporting Libertarians behave almost identically to the worst of the democrats. They care nothing for the rule of law, they seem to only want legalized drugs and prostitution, and ultimately care nothing for the founding principles of the country, merely using them as cover and engaging the Alinsky tactic of holding Republicans to their idea of the Constitution while never allowing themselves to be held to the same interpretation.

Until Libertarians reject the Ron Paul cult, they will be an annoying fad, and not actually a valuable part of any party, let alone be able to grow into a party that can stand on its own.  For a less ranting discussion of this idea, read: More on Why Ron Paul’s Libertarian Fans Need to Support Our Constitution…and Romney.  And so I echo the warning from this article. If Libertarians want to be something other than a political fad, they need to abandon the Ron Paul fixation, recognize that on the national level, after you have your say in the primary, it is time to beat the Statists, and whether they like it or not, either Romney or Obama will be president in 2013.  Lastly they need to stop behaving like manipulative, petulant, and slimy Democrats. Because right now, the cultural behavior of the Libertarian brand is almost identical to that of the Democrats, while the stated political belief is only compatible with the Republicans. This dichotomy alone has the power to destroy the Libertarian party.

Well, rant over. Next time, I’ll talk about books or cotton candy or something, otherwise I will be in a political rut.

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Garbage Police

Imagine Garbage Police… actually you don’t have to since the DNC has them. All I can say is this, if this type of interfering busybody continues to be elected, they will not rest until they run every part of everyone’s lives like this.

At many garbage stations there are “environmental consultants” to help people choose the right bin, or, if need be, reach in and move the garbage to the right one. For example, one of the consultants repeatedly stopped kitchen help at the trash cans to advise which cans to use: cardboard in “Recycle,” food in “Compost,” styrofoam cups in “Landfill.”

On a high note, those stuff like those ‘environmental consultants’ hopefully contribute to the fast burn rate of the Obama/DNC money supply.