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Blog announcment

Hello, this is to kick off a series of posts (of indefinite length) in which I attempt to do some constructive philosophy. (Most philosophy these days is either learning what someone else said, parsing, or tearing down people’s worldviews… This will be none of those.)

I thought about writing essays for a little book or something, but I’d rather post them for people to read; it seems to me that if you think you have something interesting to say, you shouldn’t try to charge anyone for it. One ought to at least write enough to convince people that what one says is interesting.

And that brings us to this; what, if it was a book would be ‘Essays in Lutheran Mysticism’. The reason I want to do this will become plain as the essays roll out. But in general, I think the many do not realize that while Luke 2 was written by a scientist and historian, John 1 was written by a mystic.

You can expect a real intro essay (largely to delineate why I think orthodox mysticism is important) in the next day or two… I hope you enjoy it… I have this (probably lost cause) hope that  there may be entertaining arguments in the comments…



The Edge: Sonnet Duel

Well, I am sorry to say that this is not a terribly good poem, but I claim jet-lag as an excuse. However the event that I describe was quite striking. As my plane took off out of Chicago, we went right up over the lake. On this particular day, at that particular time, the foggy day and the grey lake were the exact same color, and there was no visible line between them. So as we went rushing toward the shore of the lake, one thought involuntarily ran through my head: ‘So, this is the edge of the world.’

The Edge:

Firmly ensconced in the airplanes belly,
Of modern man’s invention a marvel,
A creature of steel serving our whimsy,
Laughing at distances that made kings tremble.
The airplane is humble, despite its power
And with little regard for weather or rain
The machine flies above every tower
Far into the sky it extends man’s reign.
Though awe inspired at flight’s beginning
While the foggy heavens us received
Out of the window my eyes were peering
And an ancient mystery perceived.
The edge of the world rushed up to greet us
And briefly within me, Wonder arose.